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Updated: 14-12-2018

Quad Excursion For Sale - 2119

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Quad Excursion For Sale  Tenerife

Basic Info

Reference: 2119
Type: Non Catering businesses
Status: For Sale
Price: €125,000
Ownership: Leasehold
Monthly Rent: €700
Location: Arona


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This quad excursion offers trips to the forests and Teide National Park in Tenerife. The quad trips are respectively 3 and 4 hours and both on-road and off-road. Thanks to the great weather year-round and amazing nature of Tenerife, the quads are a popular excursion trip.

The quad excursion includes 11 quads, 2 vans for pick-up/delivery service and a professional camera. Furthermore, the business includes all PR-material, So-Me accounts and a website with an online booking system. The website is highly ranked on Google, which secures many direct bookings and saves the fee of the excursion shops.
Lastly, the new owner will get a period of training.

Today the business has 5 employees and the owner works her too. The owner controls all bookings while the employees take care of trips, photos, and mechanic work.

This quad excursion is relocatable since it offers pick-up/delivery service for all clients, and the trips can start from wherever you wish. Today the owner uses a garage in Arona.


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