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Updated: 15-11-2013

Cash in on Golfing Holidays in Tenerife

If you have a sound commercial head then changes in tourism trends will signal business opportunities in Tenerife. You may already know that golfers make up the most lucrative tourism market sector, and the good news is that their numbers are growing.


Traditions of business deals struck over the fairways and networking at golf clubs ensure that golfing tourists are successful and affluent. Certainly, the sport is one of the most expensive to pursue which creates a natural barrier for many. Golfers are more likely to be aged over 50, a time of life when many of the financial pressures of bringing up families are behind them. Golfers, in short, have lots of money to spend while they are on holiday.


And it gets even better. Golfing holidaymakers tend to stay longer in Tenerife, with an average stay of 12 days. Their numbers have been rising despite the recession. Last year some 180,000 golfers visited Tenerife from abroad, with more coming from mainland Spain. Golfers are good business!


Many of these golfers have bought properties on the island, mainly in the areas of Golf del Sur, Amarilla Golf and Costa Adeje. They return to the island regularly, and rent their homes out to other golfers. Another 32% of golfers stay in Hotels (four star or above, of course).


Bars and restaurants in the areas of golf courses tend to trade well in Tenerife, experiencing boom times every winter. These businesses tend to be in less densely packed areas where competition is low and ongoing relationships can be formed with these repeat visiting golfers. Some of the most lucrative bars for sale in Tenerife are located around golf courses.


Golfers are the ideal customer for a business. They spend money, they tip well and they are not rowdy. Golfers are unlikely to scribble graffiti in your toilets, have a fight in your bar or break the furniture. The most antisocial thing a golfer is likely to do is pinch the waitress’s bottom.


If you are looking for a Tenerife business for sale, then you would be well advised to look carefully at bars in golfing areas. You may have dreamed of running a bar beside the beach, but for return on investment and a hassle free life, there’s not much that can beat a Tenerife bar on a golf course.

By Irina Saltmarsh

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