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Updated: 06-12-2012

Tenerife Business In Great Shape For 2013

The weather may be constantly warm and welcoming but Tenerife is always looking to change and improve to offer the best to Tenerife business investors. Tourism and commerce have worked hand in hand in 2012 and have ambitious plans for the New Year. FRINA Tenerife is always keen to make the most of the latest positive buying and selling trends.


Property Incentive Is A Christmas Gift

You may bore of socks or ties but if you buy a residential or commercial Tenerife property before 31 December there is a great festive present of a 50% discount on future capital gains tax. That one is already wrapped and waiting for you but with an eye to encouraging investments to Spain the government is bringing in a law offering residencia permits on apartment purchases of over 160,000 euros. We are waiting to see if that is extended to commercial properties, it certainly fits in with Tenerife policy to welcome new business.


A Tourism Window On 2013

The festive season is brighter and longer than in most countries due to Reyes - Kings Day on 6 January so there is a packed few weeks when old friends and customers return for their much needed Tenerife top up and potential buyers take a holiday to see at first hand the business bargains of Tenerife bars, cafes, and restaurants. This fits nicely in the middle of the established season of Scandinavian and Russian visitors and the loyal community of “swallows” who head out from the UK and mainland Europe for the winter sun that Tenerife is famed for.
Tenerife Tourism realize that many people plan future holidays when gathered together over the festive season so they have a major advertising campaign on television around Europe and stands at the big tourism fairs that are held in the winter. That’s why visitors from all over Europe and beyond are on the increase.


Tenerife Has Plenty For The Visitor

It would be easy to be complacent and think that beautiful weather, stunning scenery and rich culture is enough to make Tenerife stand out among holiday destinations but on this island there is always a willingness to try more. Los Cristianos has just welcomed Sea Cloud, a small cruise ship to test the response of passengers, they were impressed and in 2013 the bigger liners are popping in. The World arrives on 25 February with 550 passengers and Albatross calls on 18 April, 5 May and 9 December with 900 tourists all keen to sample food and drink from local Tenerife cafes and to buy souvenirs of a happy visit.

Those living in Tenerife like to enjoy top shows like Cirque de Soleil, in Santa Cruz in January, while the musical reflections of History at the Magma Arts & Congress, and Carmen Mota’s flamenco extravaganza Evolution at the Piramides de Arona will thrill the south all year. The best nights out start and finish with a meal and drinks in a nearby Tenerife restaurant or bar- something appreciated by the many satisfied business investors who use the services of FRINA Tenerife.


Tenerife Makes Good Business Sense

Combining international business with pleasure has made Tenerife a popular venue for large companies to hold conventions and annual meetings, who can blame them with top hotels and golf courses on hand. The Tenerife government is not slow to spot good business opportunities and is committed to making Tenerife a magnet to convention organizers. Promotions like Why Tenerife help to focus business minds on our shores, even the film industry is flocking here, Vin Diesel and friends enjoyed a lively few months here filming The Fast & The Furious 6.

We can’t promise you film stars but FRINA Tenerife can promise the best service and inside Tenerife business knowledge.
From all at FRINA Tenerife we wish you all a wonderful relaxing Christmas, New Year, and Reyes and look forward to helping make your 2013 a prosperous one.

By Irina Saltmarsh

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