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Updated: 30-10-2014

Non-Catering Businesses in Tenerife

It used to be the case that almost every expat arriving in Tenerife dreamed of pulling pints in the sun and every business for sale was a bar or restaurant. Nowadays, there are far more opportunities available and the non-catering sectors have become increasingly popular with entrepreneurs on the island. The reasons behind this shift in preference are a mixture of commercial, practical and lifestyle choices that today’s expats are making.


Profitability is probably the most important commercial factor, whatever the business type. Whereas the catering industries can be highly lucrative, they are not alone. There are numerous businesses that consistently perform, such as the retail sector. In tourist areas, minimarkets and supermarkets serving the tastes and demands of foreign tourists can provide very consistent revenues and allow the expat to make the most of their specialist knowledge of the types of products that tourists from their own countries consume.


Sound commercial thinking is more often than not behind the decision to buy a non catering business in Tenerife. There are many niches beyond the beaches that are successfully filled and others that are yet to be. For example, you might choose to invest in a well established mobility hire business, a perfect niche for a holiday island so popular among all generations up to very senior tourists. On the other hand, you might have spotted a niche that needs filling, in which case you will need a premises to operate from and which will give your new venture the credibility it needs.


There are also practical issues that come into play when people choose a business to run. Many people are neither trained nor inclined to manage a bar or a restaurant. The long hours and total commitment required dissuade many, especially if they are able to transfer the skills they have. In some cases, such as hairdressing, the skills switch can be quite direct and there are good opportunities to choose from. In other cases, such as a wine boutique, the motivation may be more from personal interest in the area. Often, skills are not so easily transferred directly, but a business may be one that can be operated with some training, such as pest control.


The main reason why people move to Tenerife is to improve their lifestyle, and the prospect of standing behind a bar, serving drinks is not everyone’s idea of a good weekend. The amount of leisure time that a business allows is one of the most important reasons for the increasing popularity of non-catering businesses amongst the island’s expats. Running a busy bar or restaurant may mean that you hardly have time to enjoy the island and its beautiful weather, whereas other types of Tenerife Business may allow you two or more days to relax.


Another way in which the lifestyle factor can affect the choice of business we run is to make the job as enjoyable and fun as possible. And even this can be combined with a successful and profitable business. Imagine, for example, spending your time on the sea operating a dive centre, or even a luxury yacht charter business! New golfing opportunities are also arising, It certainly beats staring out of the window on a cold Monday morning, and that’s why almost all of us come to Tenerife.


Tenerife is a fantastic place to live but it is important that you enjoy your work if you are going to get the best out of life, and for an increasingly large number of people that means investing outside the catering industry. Almost 30% of the businesses currently for sale in Tenerife are not involved in the sector and the number of investors looking for them has been consistently rising. If you are looking for a Tenerife business for sale then take close look at the opportunities on offer and you might find a better life on the other side of the bar!

By Irina Saltmarsh

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