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Updated: 28-07-2010

Seasons in the Sun

Tenerife is well known for having beautiful weather throughout the year, and it is our perfect climate that attracts tourists. That makes Tenerife unique as a holiday destination, and quite exceptional as a place to run a business. Even so, there are seasonal changes in the numbers of tourists who visit the island, and even more interesting for a business: there is also a seasonal change in the type of tourists that visit the island.

Source: Gobierno de Canarias, Consejerio de Turismo


The graph shows visitors to Tenerife that come from other countries. The first thing you will notice is that tourist numbers are trending upwards. This is due to the end of the recession and the increased numbers of flights that are coming to the island.


If you compare this graph to any other tourist destination outside the Canary Islands, such as Mallorca or Ibiza in the Balearics, Greece or the Costas, you will see a huge difference as numbers plummet after the September and do not recover until the end of the following Spring. Needless to say, the sustained tourist demand throughout the year in Tenerife is a huge advantage for businesses on the island.


Businesses are also particularly interested in the type of tourists that come to the island, and here there is also seasonal variation. You may be visiting the island this summer and notice that it is heaving with tourists, but then you may be surprised to learn that the summer is not the most prosperous time for businesses in Tenerife.


The summer season brings many families and younger people to Tenerife. These two groups have differing demand patterns but neither is within the highest spending market sectors. The big spenders in tourism are aged over 45, with families that have left the roost. They have a higher disposable income, stay in better hotels and spend more on the island when they are here. They are also more likely to stay for longer periods.


So numerous and predictable are these affluent annual visitors to Tenerife that islanders call them swallows. Many of them spend up to three months at a time in Tenerife. For businesses, these well behaved high rollers are a welcome change from a summer of screaming babies and party animals.


The best business plans accommodate these cycles of demand, and change their focus to meet the different markets. With over 5 million tourists spread fairly evenly throughout the year there are ample opportunities for businesses of all types to thrive, but the closer they are attuned to the changing tourist markets, the more they prosper.

By Irina Saltmarsh

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