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Updated: 12-08-2010

Putting your Tenerife Businesses on Facebook

When you start running your new business, you’ll need to start letting everyone know about it! Marketing can be expensive, especially when you start buying advertising in newspapers or building a website.


One of the most cost effective ways of marketing your business in Tenerife is to use Social Media to make your mark and let your customers know what’s happening in your business. Facebook is hugely popular and you can bet that many of your customers both now and in the future are using it. And its free!


For example, you can visit our Tenerife Business Facebook page on Facebook (please click ‘like’ when you are there!).


And of course there are many other businesses in Tenerife who are using Facebook for their Marketing. Check out some of these Tenerife businesses on Facebook.


A List of Tenerife Businesses in Facebook


To give you a head start, here is a Tenerife business list on Facebook with a link to each of their pages or profiles.  The first one on the list is ours, so don't forget to visit us and click on 'Like!'

  Tenerife Business on Face book! Click here

  Tenerife Bars for Sale Click here

  Restaurante el Molino Blanco click here

  Restaurante El Meson Castellano Click here

  Subway Sandwiches Tenerife Click here

  Java Bar Tenerife Click here

  Central Station Bar Tenerife Click here

  Frosties Bar Amarilla Golf Click here

  Papa Joe's Tenerife Click here

  Eurobar Costa del Silencio Click here

  Linekers Tenerife Click here

  Monkey Bar Tenerife Click here

  Neils Bistro Tenerife Click here

  O'Jangles Tenerife Click here

  Bens Bar Tenerife Click here

  Magic Pyramid bar Click here

  Divine Tenerife Click here

  Harpers Pool Bar Tenerife Click here

  Monkey Beach Bar Tenerife Click here

  Mystique Swingers Lounge Tenerife Click here

  Megabowl Tenerife Click here

  Megashop Tenerife Click here

  Online Shopping Tenerife Click here

  Showtime Tenerife Click here

  Tenerife Lifeline Click here

  DiscoExperience Magic Piramide Click here

  Chessies NetCafe Click here

  Wannadive Click here

  The Beach in Tenerife Click here

WiFi Mundo Click here

  TenerifeSun Dive Centre Click here

  Tenerife Sunshine Click here

  Advanced Computer Technologies Click here







If you can't see your Tenerife business on the list, just let us know and we'll add it

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