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Updated: 19-07-2011

Tenerife is on The Rise and Sales are Gaining Momentum

Tenerife is continuing to be the choice of thousands of tourists who take their holidays in the Canary Islands. Whilst many places in the world are experiencing problems in the ongoing economic crisis, the latest developments and positive news from Tenerife show that the island is still a great place for living, for business sales and for holidaying.


The tourist statistics are actually on the rise, and 2011 promises to be busier than ever. Other countries such as Greece, Egypt, and North Africa are reporting a drop in figures but Tenerife is still the choice for holidays abroad for the very many people who flock to the island. Mainland Spain has a short season which doesn’t help it, but when the season stops there, over here in Tenerife it just carries on and into an even busier winter season!


Government focus, as well as continuous investments in Tenerife, has been providing strong promotion in all the tourist fairs, and with big marketing campaigns as back-up. Tenerife is moving ahead with the island’s use of the latest technology and is all set to become a major telecom hub. Cable has already well and truly reached the island and Tenerife businesses are being set up to deal with the demand for wi-fi, Internet and information technology.


New development projects such as the large recreational park that is being made in Costa del Silencio show that Tenerife is forging its way ahead. It is doing so with optimism and good planning that will continue to keep the island as the first choice of very many holiday-makers and a wonderful place to live for its residents.


The ambitious project to connect the North and the South by train is going forward and a new motorway is being built on the western side of the island for the same purpose. Eventually it will be easy to go from one end of Tenerife to the other and on both sides of the island.


Tenerife is putting on many great entertainment events with acts of high enough quality for the international stage. World-famous DJs are making appearances in Tenerife this summer. Tiesto is playing at the Heineken Sun Festival at Golf Costa Adeje, 6 August, and David Guetta is at the Arona Summer Festival at the Las Américas Football Stadium on 12 August. Popular singer Michael Bolton delighted the crowd at the Canarias Live Sun Festival in July.


In the world of films, Tenerife was chosen to be the setting for much of the filming of Clash of the Titans 2, and this brought with it a big economic boost as well as some much-needed employment for hundreds of local people.


Moving from entertainment to sport, Tenerife has long been a favourite location for golf aficionados and so it continues with more golf championships being held on the island. And just recently the island had a joy to host the world PWA (Professional Windsurfers Association) tour in El Medano attracting crowds of delighted fans and spectators.


With all the exciting news from Tenerife this year it certainly goes to show that there is something for everyone here. Perhaps that is why the island is such a popular place?


So, if you have ever considered setting up your own Tenerife business or buying a Tenerife business for sale, this is truly the moment to act! Some great deals are still on the market waiting for you!

By Irina Saltmarsh

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