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Updated: 11-02-2010

Seller's Starting Guidelines

Selling your Tenerife business could be a lengthy and challenging process. By taking the decision to market your business you have most likely concluded the time is right for you to take on your next challenge, so you want to move fast and achieve a successful sale of your Tenerife business for a good price. The sale will provide you with the necessary funds for your next project. The process of selling a business is more complicated than a comparable house or apartment sale. It requires greater involvement and a deeper knowledge of local requirements and regulations applicable to Tenerife businesses, professional standards when dealing with sensitive confidentiality issues, tax matters, liabilities, licensing requirements and much more. Moreover, in today’s highly competitive market with the great variety and number of Tenerife businesses for sale it is vital to have your business well prepared and packaged to achieve a reasonably quick and profitable sale.

The first question you will most likely ask yourself is how you should sell your Tenerife business. You can decide to choose the services of a professional business estate agent/agents, you can try to sell your business privately, or you can use a combination of both.

If you do decide to sell your business privately, you will be responsible for each and every aspect of the sale, including pricing, marketing and advertising, searching for potential buyers, arranging viewings, negotiations and the transfer of the business. You will need to analyze and select the most effective marketing and advertising sources, compose and pay for your own advertising as well as handle the enquiries expressing interest in your Tenerife business for sale. On the other hand however you are not bound by any contracts and in the case of a private sale there’s no need to give anyone a percentage of the sale in commission fees.

By selecting the services of a professional business sales agent you free yourself from the burden of the above tasks and let the experts take care of it while you continue focussing on operating and maintaining the success of your Tenerife business. The professional and experienced Tenerife businesses agent will advice you on the likely selling price of your Tenerife business, will advertise your business under the agent’s corporate branding and will also market it directly to qualified business buyers actively searching for businesses in Tenerife. Your business agent will further qualify potential buyers, lead the negotiation process and support the deal closure. Agent’s commission fees are usually applicable on the successful completion of the sale.

Tenerife business sales apply the principle of non-exclusivity, which means that you, as a business owner can choose to sell your bar, restaurant, cafe, shop or any other Tenerife business with several estate agents, while still pursuing the sale privately. Signing however an exclusive contract with one of the professional business estate agents will in many cases allow you to agree on a lower commission fee.

By choosing the services of FRINA Tenerife you’re appointing a professional agent focussing exclusively on the sale of businesses and commercial properties in Tenerife. Moreover, through our wide portfolio of four native languages you get direct access to the English, German, Dutch and Russian speaking markets of active buyers searching to buy business in Tenerife. Our marketing and advertising channels include both local and international press; our three language continuously updated website, several highly ranked business internet portals and direct mailing campaigns. We apply different marketing routes to best match your business profile and to get maximum exposure for your Tenerife business listing. We will use our wealth of previous business experience and knowledge to qualify potential buyers, lead negotiations and support the closure of the deal. The best news for you is that advertising with us costs you absolutely nothing. Our commission fees will apply on the successful sale of your business and completion of the purchase and sale agreement with the party introduced by us. Please, note that our fees will still be payable should you at any point of time decide on a private sale to a client originally introduced by us.

If you are looking for a successful sale of your Tenerife business contact us now to arrange a private appointment.

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