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Updated: 27-04-2010

Choosing the Right Area in Tenerife to Buy a Business

Choosing the right area to buy a business in Tenerife is one of the most important decisions you will make. But unfortunately it is not as simple as you might think. Not only will you need to weigh up the economic viability of a particular business in an area, but you will also need to take into account your lifestyle. In the final analysis, however, it will be a poor lifestyle if your business in Tenerife cannot support it.


Many people who buy a Tenerife Business are new to the island and they have most difficulty in prioritising their business and lifestyle needs. Property, schools, amenities and the proximity to the beach jostle with the prices of businesses, trading locations and market potential. In most cases there has to be a compromise.


Families are the first factor that most people consider when they think about a Tenerife business for sale. Kids mean proximity to schools and the decision about schools in Tenerife. If you choose the Spanish system, then you will have much more flexibility about where you can live and work. If you choose the British system, then you will be limited to a location close enough to a very small selection of schools in Tenerife, such as Wingate in Cabo Blanco.


Many bars and restaurants in Tenerife are family businesses. Adults from the same extended family will all pitch in together, sharing the load and the profits of a busy business. If a family is involved then the location of your Tenerife Business will probably be defined by their whereabouts.


Lifestyle choices about where you locate your business in Tenerife are not just limited to family. Most people move to Tenerife to raise their standard of living and quality of life. And one of the big bugbears that we escape from is the daily commute. You won’t want to waste your time getting to and from your business when you are in Tenerife, so your home and business will want to be within a very few minutes of each other.


And if you live close by to your business in Tenerife, then you will also need to like the area. If you haven’t already found yourself compromising, you will now. Most often, the best places to live are not the best places to come on holiday. Most foreign businesses in Tenerife target the tourist market as they use their natural advantage: speaking the same language as the tourist. So if you target tourists, you may have to accept living further away from your business.


There are more lifestyle factors you might weigh into your equation, but sometimes you can go too far. Some people decide that because they are moving to Tenerife to improve their quality of life, everything must be sacrificed to this end. They spend the bulk of their savings on a lovely property in their ideal area and leave few options and little budget to invest in their business.


The key to getting it right when you choose an area to buy a Tenerife business for sale is some moderation. However, in a choice between quality of business and quality of life, it is generally better to spend the money on the business. It boils down to a simple equation. If you don’t earn the money, you won’t pay for the lifestyle.

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