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Updated: 24-07-2014

National and Local Efforts Make Tenerife the Best Business to Buy In

One after another, the Government austerity measures set in place to improve the Spanish economy are bouncing back with positive results, resulting in a mass consensus between 45% of business owners that Spain's economy will be fully recovered within 12 months. This means that Spain is the second-most optimistic large economy in the Eurozone with only Germany in the lead.

These national reforms have spurged sudden business investment in Spain, as well as increase employment and decrease layoffs. But where in Spain should you invest? We discuss what the local Government has been doing to make Tenerife the best place in Spain to buy a business.

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Updated: 03-06-2014

Why there are so many businesses for sale in Tenerife – and why you shouldn't worry about it!

One of the number one causes for concern that prospective Tenerife business buyers have is why they see so many businesses around for sale in the first place. Made evermore cautious by the whispers of wounded veterans of the last recession, it's easy to come to the conclusion that these businesses are being sold because they are failing.

In fact, less businesses in Tenerife are failing than ever; according to this months' official statistics, business dissolution in the Canaries has dropped by a whopping 32.3% in just one year; which accounts for the largest drop in business failures for any region in Spain. This means that only 65 businesses actually failed last year in the whole Canary Islands, while 344 new ventures were started.

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Updated: 11-02-2014

It’s certainly no secret that Spain’s economy has had a rough few years; but with every cloud comes a silver lining, and a new area of opportunity. Over the past few years the government has undertaken a series of radical labour reforms which now directly benefit new business owners and investors in Spain.

Various incentives, such as tax breaks, social security deductions, and updated labour laws, are helping to encourage the government’s new vision of an integrated and updated economic model by helping newly self employed people and small businesses stimulate job growth. The aim is to integrate Spain within EU economic guidelines more efficiently by encouraging entrepreneurship – especially from foreign nationals and Spanish youths.

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Updated: 06-12-2012

Tenerife Business In Great Shape For 2013

The weather may be constantly warm and welcoming but Tenerife is always looking to change and improve to offer the best to Tenerife business investors. Tourism and commerce have worked hand in hand in 2012 and have ambitious plans for the New Year. FRINA Tenerife is always keen to make the most of the latest positive buying and selling trends.

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Updated: 12-06-2012

Tenerife Business Goes Strong Despite The Crisis

Tenerife Offers More To An Uncertain Business World

Blue skies and relaxing beaches have made Tenerife a top destination for holiday makers and business opportunities but now value for money is more important than ever. The good news is that Tenerife is working hard to add extra attractions and better services to keep regular visitors returning and also to welcome the many new arrivals tempted in by overseas travel fairs. We at FRINA Tenerife know the local economy well and can guide investors to the best area to make their mark.

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Updated: 18-11-2011

Business As Usual With New Twists In Tenerife

Tenerife’s all year sunshine, beaches, and hotels are already here, they aren’t about to be swept away by the ebb and flow of world business tides. The same goes for the infrastructure of the island, trams in the capital Santa Cruz, a new fibre optic telecommunications link to mainland Spain, a United States Chamber of Commerce, and the ITER renewable energy centre, all bringing new investment to Tenerife.

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Updated: 31-10-2011

Keeping the Tenerife Business Dream Alive

That Tenerife business for sale looked tempting during sunny days and nights but once back in the grey reality it could get forgotten with the shorts at the back of the draw. A few little reminders can soon stir memories, that’s where the power of social media can work for you.

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Updated: 19-07-2011

Tenerife is on The Rise and Sales are Gaining Momentum

Tenerife is continuing to be the choice of thousands of tourists who take their holidays in the Canary Islands. Whilst many places in the world are experiencing problems in the ongoing economic crisis, the latest developments and positive news from Tenerife show that the island is still a great place for living, for business and for holidaying.

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Updated: 08-07-2011

Tenerife Business in El Médano

El Médano is world famous as a Mecca for those who love windsurfing but this seaside town in Tenerife South has many more attractions to offer making it a buoyant Tenerife business location!


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Updated: 12-11-2013

Tenerife Holidays are Still a Booming Business

Tenerife continues to be the first choice for tourists looking for the best in holiday destinations in the Canary Islands. At the same time, enterprising people are seeking out the best of businesses for sale in Tenerife. Tourism and Tenerife business sales are on the rise.


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Updated: 30-10-2014

Non-Catering Businesses in Tenerife

It used to be the case that almost every expat arriving in Tenerife dreamed of pulling pints in the sun and every business for sale was a bar or restaurant. Nowadays, there are far more opportunities available and the non-catering sectors have become increasingly popular with entrepreneurs on the island. The reasons behind this shift in preference are a mixture of commercial, practical and lifestyle choices that today’s expats are making.


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Updated: 10-11-2013

Writing a Business Plan in Tenerife

The biggest reason why businesses fail in Tenerife is because of they do not have a good business plan. New entrepreneurs who invest in a Tenerife business often take into account the purchase price of the business, and little else. Consequently when costs come along, they are a complete surprise and business owners can find themselves unable to cover them and grind to a halt. A good business plan will ensure that there are fewer nasty surprises.


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Updated: 25-02-2011

Buying Cheap? The Risk of Bargain Hunting in Tenerife

Everyone wants to find a bargain business for sale in Tenerife but some prospective buyers, often new to the idea of running their own business, make a commercially suicidal mistake. They confuse the word bargain for another word: Cheap. And this leads to all sorts of problems.


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Updated: 26-01-2011

5 Reasons to Expand your Tenerife Business Horizon

When people come to Tenerife and look for a business for sale, they tend to focus their attention on prime tourist areas. It’s the most obvious reaction for someone new to the island, but after reading this article you will likely change your mind. There are lots of reasons to look beyond Tenerife’s tourist resorts if you want to be successful, read on and learn about five of them.


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Updated: 15-11-2013

Business at Christmas in Tenerife

Business is brisk at Christmas time in Tenerife in more ways than one. From the smallest bar to the largest hotel, the cash registers beep in satisfaction as every nook and cranny of the island gets filled up with tourists. But while Tenerife business buzzes, behind the scenes there is another round of buying and selling that also reaches its most active at this time of the year. The winter is when the highest number of businesses change hands, and Christmas 2010 in Tenerife looks like it’s going to be busier than ever!


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Updated: 12-10-2010

About the Tenerife Business Lease

The most common way to purchase a Tenerife business is by buying a lease. The simple reason for this is that a lease is much cheaper than buying the freehold outright. In this article we’ll be explaining about Spanish leases and what you should look out for because not all leases are the same.

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Updated: 05-10-2010

Do you need a Business License in Tenerife?

It is quite natural to expect that a business you might be considering buying has all the licenses it requires to trade legally granted. However in many areas of Spain and Tenerife in particular, this is often not the case. If a Tenerife business license has not been officially issued, it does not mean that the business is trading illegally.

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Updated: 28-09-2010

How to Value a Business in Tenerife

Almost all small businesses in Spain do not declare their full income to the taxman, and this can make valuing a Tenerife business quite difficult. This article is a guide for buyers who need to assess the value of a business for sale in Tenerife.

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Updated: 27-08-2010

Canary Islands Recovery

The Canary Islands have been seeing a welcome economic recovery this summer, fuelled by the growth in tourist numbers. Official statistics are supported by further evidence from businesses who report a surge in sales. Increased sales are likely to lead to a recovery in the commercial real estate market and a rise in prices of businesses for sale in the Canary Islands.

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Updated: 17-08-2010

The 3 BIG Tenerife Business Inventory Mistakes

If you are considering buying a business in the Canary Islands, then you will want to know the three most common inventory mistakes that buyers make. Although new owners will scrupulously read the inventory and compare it to the stock, machinery and physical items attached to the business, they often completely neglect the marketing assets. The three types of marketing assets you will read about below can be far more valuable than any of the equipment in a Tenerife business, and often they will be far more useful to a new business owner.

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Updated: 03-08-2010

How Seasonal Trends can Benefit your Business

The most recent statistics about where Tenerife’s tourists come from make interesting reading for business owners in Tenerife. Behind the headline totals lurk figures that should be a strategy defining guide to the more astute business owners in Tenerife.

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Updated: 28-07-2010

Seasons in the Sun

Tenerife is well known for having beautiful weather throughout the year, and it is our perfect climate that attracts tourists. That makes Tenerife unique as a holiday destination, and quite exceptional as a place to run a business. Even so, there are seasonal changes in the numbers of tourists who visit the island, and even more interesting for a business: there is also a seasonal change in the type of tourists that visit the island.

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Updated: 21-07-2010

The Right Time for Business in Tenerife

Its no good being in the right place at the wrong time, but that’s just what happens to many new business owners in Tenerife. You might be used to the world around you operating at certain times, but when you do business in Tenerife, you’ll need to adjust your watch!

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Updated: 16-07-2010

The Three Fs of Running a Business inTenerife

Everyone who has worked or run a business in Tenerife is well aware of the word, “Mañana”. It is used in all sorts of contexts, but the result is always the same: delays. Faced with all sorts of delays, the first word on a business owner’s lips may begin with ‘F’, but it will be too little, too late. In order to beat the mañana culture, a Tenerife businessman needs three ‘F’s before he even starts his enterprise.

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Updated: 08-07-2010

A Rough Guide to Doing Business in Tenerife

Even if your business is focused at foreigners and the tourist market, you will still come in contact with Tenerife’s business culture. Understanding some subtle differences in how we do business can put you ahead of the game.

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Updated: 24-06-2010

Which Comes First, Business or Property?

Most people move to Tenerife to improve their lifestyle, and this tends to be uppermost in their minds when they make decisions. It is hardly surprising that so many people fall into the trap of ensuring that their home and lifestyle in Tenerife are organised before they have put in place the means to pay for it.

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Updated: 17-06-2010

Why a Business for Sale is Better than Starting Fresh

One of the most common questions people ask themselves is whether it is better to buy a business in Tenerife, or start a new one from scratch. The reason why most people start a new business rather than buy a Tenerife business for sale is because they think that this is the cheaper option, and therefore lower risk. But is this really the case?

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Updated: 04-06-2010

7 Steps to Buying a Business in Tenerife

Summary of most essential steps in the process of choosing and buying your Tenerife business, includes information about the purchase process, price, deposit, contracts, property transfer, lawyer and sales agent.

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Updated: 30-03-2010

3 ways to get your Tenerife business SOLD!

If you’re serious about selling your Tenerife business, then good of preparation will not only get buyers to your door, but it will also raise your chances of selling when they enquire. Prepare now and your sale will go through smoothly. Leave it to the last minute and even the smallest delay may lose your buyers attention... and they’ll buy the business next door instead!


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