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Updated: 03-09-2009

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If you are looking for an intelligent, knowledgeable business sales agent who offers common sense advice accompanied by an extensive knowledge of the businesses they show you and the local business environment, then FRINA Tenerife is the service you are looking for.


Unlike many agents who dabble in Tenerife Business, we are specialists. We don’t deal with residential property, apartments or houses. We just deal with businesses and commercial real estate. When you meet us, you will see the difference.


FRINA Tenerife business services are based on the principles of professionalism, exceptional customer service and a high level of client commitment.  Our target is to represent and protect the best interests of all parties involved in Tenerife business agreements. We have therefore tailored our service range to meet your, our customer’s, requirements, whether you are a buyer, a current owner or a seller of a business in Tenerife. Please, read more in the dedicated articles about our customized service range.

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