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Updated: 03-09-2009

For Tenerife Business Buyers

Frina Tenerife promises to:

  • Offer a pre-selection and matching of your new business in Tenerife to your personal characteristics, requirements and wishes. We will first work on getting to know you as a person and will try to thoroughly understand your needs and wants. In case you don’t yet have a clear picture of your future Tenerife business we will assist you by providing guidance and advice on finding this perfect match for you personally. You can also search in our wide portfolio of Tenerife businesses, which is continuously updated, but it’s important to mention that not all available objects are listed there. So, if you don’t find the right match or you want more information, please contact us for a personal consultancy, following which we can start the customized search reflecting your personal requirements. As a result of our search we will present for your initial approval the short-list of available Tenerife businesses matching your needs.
  • Support in your decision-making process for your future Tenerife business. Based on your pre-approved short-list, we will organize viewings of the businesses and assist you in discussions with the business sellers. We will aim to submit to you as much information as possible for you to be able to make the decision for your future Tenerife business, but we will never force or pressurize you during the process. If you wish we can assist you in your decision-making process by acting as your brainstorming partner in defining your future Tenerife business strategy and preparing your business plan.
  • Lead the negotiation of the price and contractual terms once you have made your choice. Together with your appointed lawyer we will liaise with all involved parties to align the requirements and terms of the deal, after which a private contract for the purchase and sale of your Tenerife business will be prepared.
  • Work closely with your appointed Lawyer and/or Accountant (Gestor) and regularly update you on the conveyance process which will start after the contract for your Tenerife business is signed and you have transferred the holding deposit to a client account. Within this process the chosen business object will be checked by the qualified professionals on all the aspects of legal, financial and administrative nature to make sure that you will be free from any outstanding liabilities and penalties when taking over the business ownership.
  • Support and help in all your queries and required procedures to complete the purchase of your Tenerife business and start your new life on the island, such as helping with your visit arrangements to Tenerife; applying for your Spanish Identity number (NIE) and Residence permit; opening the bank account; supporting in qualifying procedure for mortgage or bank loan if required; as well as providing you with any practical advice related to your life and business in Tenerife. For your queries of legal or financial nature requiring more detailed research we will be able to refer you to the competent professionals. Through our local connections with the leading real estate agencies on the island we will also be able to professionally assist you in your search and purchasing process for residential property in Tenerife.
  • Continue with after-sales services once your purchase is successfully completed and you are the proud owner of the business in Tenerife. Please, read more about our services for Tenerife Business Owners to know how we can mutually work on your individual success story in the Tenerife business arena.


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