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Updated: 01-04-2010

How to Prepare a Tenerife Business Sales Information Pack

If you want to sell a business in Tenerife, then the first step is to prepare a sales information pack. Serious buyers ask questions, and if you haven’t got the answers ready and waiting, then not only will they see you as unprofessional, they will lose patience. Delays in acquiring information and supporting paperwork cause suspicion, and that means lost buyers: Preparing a good information pack is vital if you want to get your Tenerife business sold.

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Updated: 30-03-2010

3 ways to get your Tenerife business SOLD!

If you’re serious about selling your Tenerife business, then good of preparation will not only get buyers to your door, but it will also raise your chances of selling when they enquire. Prepare now and your sale will go through smoothly. Leave it to the last minute and even the smallest delay may lose your buyers attention... and they’ll buy the business next door instead!


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Updated: 11-02-2010

Seller's Starting Guidelines

Selling your Tenerife business could be a lengthy and challenging process. By taking the decision to market your business you have most likely concluded the time is right for you to take on your next challenge, so you want to move fast and achieve a successful sale of your Tenerife business for a good price. The process of selling a business is more complicated than a comparable house or apartment sale. It requires greater involvement and a deeper knowledge of local requirements and regulations applicable to Tenerife businesses, professional standards when dealing with sensitive confidentiality issues, tax matters, liabilities, licensing requirements and much more.  

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Updated: 03-09-2009

Our Services

 FRINA Tenerife business services are based on the principles of professionalism, exceptional customer service and a high level of client commitment.  Our target is to represent and protect the best interests of all parties involved in Tenerife business agreements. We have therefore tailored our service range to meet your, our customer’s, requirements, whether you are a buyer, a current owner or a seller of a business in Tenerife. Please, read more in the dedicated articles about our customized service range.

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Updated: 03-09-2009

For Tenerife Business Sellers

Find the right profile of the new owner for your established business / Advertise your Tenerife business / Follow-up on market development and response

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