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Updated: 15-11-2013

Cash in on Golfing Holidays in Tenerife

If you have a sound commercial head then changes in tourism trends will signal business opportunities in Tenerife. You may already know that golfers make up the most lucrative tourism market sector, and the good news is that their numbers are growing.

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Updated: 17-10-2011

Business in Los Gigantes of Tenerife

Los Gigantes actually means “The Giants” in Spanish, and this very popular resort takes its name from the enormous cliffs that overlook it. Located on the southwest coast of Tenerife, Los Gigantes gets so much sunshine it is claimed it gets more hours of this holiday weather than anywhere else in the island. It is certainly usually sunny and warm there.


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Updated: 08-07-2011

Tenerife Business in El Médano

El Médano is world famous as a Mecca for those who love windsurfing but this seaside town in Tenerife South has many more attractions to offer making it a buoyant Tenerife business location!


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Updated: 26-01-2011

5 Reasons to Expand your Tenerife Business Horizon

When people come to Tenerife and look for a business for sale, they tend to focus their attention on prime tourist areas. It’s the most obvious reaction for someone new to the island, but after reading this article you will likely change your mind. There are lots of reasons to look beyond Tenerife’s tourist resorts if you want to be successful, read on and learn about five of them.


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Updated: 28-09-2010

How to Value a Business in Tenerife

Almost all small businesses in Spain do not declare their full income to the taxman, and this can make valuing a Tenerife business quite difficult. This article is a guide for buyers who need to assess the value of a business for sale in Tenerife.

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Updated: 22-08-2010

A Guide to Business in San Eugenio and Torviscas

If you want to do business in the heart of Playa de Las Americas, then San Eugenio and Torviscas are the areas to look at. They form a hub position in the middle of Tenerife’s busiest tourist resort, and businesses in the areas are some of the most prosperous on the island.

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Updated: 10-08-2010

Business in Puerto Santiago and Playa la Arena

Puerto Santiago and Playa del la Arena on the western coast of Tenerife are in many respects an undiscovered area for foreign business owners. For many who live on the island or visit, they are small towns somewhere on the road between Playa de las Americas and los Gigantes. For those who run businesses there, it is a prosperous, cosmopolitan hub.

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Updated: 03-08-2010

How Seasonal Trends can Benefit your Business

The most recent statistics about where Tenerife’s tourists come from make interesting reading for business owners in Tenerife. Behind the headline totals lurk figures that should be a strategy defining guide to the more astute business owners in Tenerife.

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Updated: 07-06-2010

Doing Business in Adeje

Adeje is one of the most prosperous municipalities in Spain and covers an area of the coast that includes Playa de las Americas, Fañabé, la Caleta and Callao Salvaje – the whole coastline has been recently rebranded as Costa Adeje. Stepping back from the beaches, Adeje includes residential areas popular with expats, such as Roque del Conde and its administrative centre is the thriving town of Adeje itself.

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Updated: 02-06-2010

Palm Mar Business For Sale

Palm Mar is a small, self-contained sea front town in Tenerife, popular with residents and semi-residents who visit the island during the winter months. Although adjacent to the sprawling Los Cristianos on the coastline, the town is separated by Montaña Guaza, so there is no direct access between the two. For the residents of Palm Mar, this natural barrier is a godsend that separates this attractive town from its brasher neighbour.


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Updated: 29-05-2010

Fanabe Businesses for Sale

Fañabé is the jewel in the crown of the new, rebranded Tenerife and draws tourists in huge numbers. Its popularity with tourists makes it an excellent location for business. If you want to enjoy the success of this area by investing in a Fanabe business for sale, then you will need to arm yourself with a broad understanding of the area.

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Updated: 29-05-2010

Golf del Sur Businesses For Sale: Paradise For Business!

Golf del Sur could be considered a paradise for business. The type of market and its geography bring unique commercial advantages to this self contained and lucrative niche in Tenerife’s economy. A business for sale in Golf del Sur is worth serious consideration, and a pragmatic business mind will immediately appreciate the benefits


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Updated: 27-05-2010

Business for Sale In Costa del Silencio

If you are looking for a business for sale in Costa del Silencio, then you probably have a good nose for a bargain and an investor’s eye for great potential. This area is in the midst of receiving millions in European, national and Cabildo investment with the intention of creating a ‘residential zone of tourist quality’.

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Updated: 26-05-2010

Business for Sale in Puerto Colon: A Perfect Rainbow!

It should be Tenerife’s most prestigious and popular area, but it isn’t. Years of neglect have ensured that the Puerto Colon commercial centre works at a fraction of its potential. As we rise from a grim recession, prices of businesses for sale in Puerto Colon are as depressed as they will ever be. It’s a great time for buyers and not so good for sellers... but soon the tables may be turned.

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Updated: 14-05-2010

Business For Sale In Los Cristianos : the Best of all Worlds

Los Cristianos is where Tenerife tourism began in the South of Tenerife and the area is still going strong several decades later. Locating a business in Los Cristianos brings great advantages because the area has the highest resident population of the southern resorts as well as very high repeat visitor rates. A business for sale in Los Cristianos will therefore be amongst the most sought after in Tenerife.

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Updated: 29-04-2010

Business For Sale in Las Americas: A Changing Market

Business in Las Americas predominately serves an evolving tourist market. Changes in consumer demand combined with the revitalisation of areas within Las Americas have led some businesses to struggle while others prosper. With the right specialist business advice, new investors are best placed to take advantage of these changes as locals look to the past and lick their wounds.

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Updated: 27-04-2010

Choosing the Right Area in Tenerife to Buy a Business

Choosing the right area to buy a business in Tenerife is one of the most important decisions you will make. But unfortunately it is not as simple as you might think. Not only will you need to weigh up the economic viability of a particular business in an area, but you will also need to take into account your lifestyle. In the final analysis, however, it will be a poor lifestyle if your business in Tenerife cannot support it.

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